Ninja Book Box is a quarterly box containing an independently published book, 3 or more gifts made, often exclusively for us, by small businesses, and interviews, reviews and ninja extras. We exist to help you discover fantastic new things and explore outside your reading comfort zone, so books can be from any and all genres. We donate £1 for each box sold to our charitable partner, Give a Book.

Ninja Bookshop  is an online bookshop packed with independently published preloved books across all genres. We also offer monthly preloved subscriptions for ages 8-12 (Ninja in Training), 13+ (Ninja Apprentice) and adults (Full Fledged Ninja). These are designed to give you  more of the books you love while also bringing to your attention books you might not otherwise have discovered. 

We do our best to be as sustainable as possible and use recycled and recyclable packaging wherever we can. We also support UK based small business and independent publishers, to minimise the journeys that our products are taking and put money back into local economies! 

For more about our back story you can check out the Kickstarter which started it all or watch the quick video below!

Who are Ninja Book Box?

Why Independent Publishers?

Although we love all publishers we feel a really strong affinity for small presses (if you're not sure what we mean see our blog post, What is an Independent Publisher Anyway?). More than any others, independent publishers are run for the love of books and often publish more diverse titles because of this, however because they're mostly pretty small businesses with pretty small budgets it isn't always easy to get hold of their titles. We wanted to help give them another outlet to promote their books and help you to discover fantastic books you may not otherwise pick up. We've also found that indies are very consistent in the level of what they publish, so you can very quickly build up trust with a publisher that you'll like a lot of what they put out. We'd like to think we help originate some of those relationships!

Is it genre specific?

No! The aim of the box is to be completely diverse in terms of genre. Books picked will be from many genres including (but not limited to) mystery, graphic novels, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, science fiction and fantasy. We will tell you in the theme reveal post what the genre of the book included in the next box will be, and you have the option to suspend your subscription for that box if it doesn't appeal, but we encourage you to be adventurous! 

Meet the Ninjas

Ninja Book Box is run by Bex and Rhys. Bex has been a reader ever since she can remember and her first memory of reading a book in one sitting is the time she read Little Women, sitting on her back doorstep when she was seven. She uses books to understand the world better and has always been an eclectic reader. She was originally a book blogger for six years before launching Ninja Book Box, a project founded entirely on her love of putting people together with good books and building a community. As well as reading Bex loves cooking, gardening, working on crazy projects (such as the London Bookshop Crawl), listening to podcasts, having adventures and walking by the sea.  

Rhys is Bex's partner in crime, and can often be found making suggestions. Bex has a tendency to get overly invested and attempt unrealistic schemes and Rhys keeps the book box rooted firmly in the real world. He can often be found wrapping, stencilling, and having boxes forced on him to 'just drop off at the post office' on the way to his real job.