Book Club Information & FAQs

What it is: a book club like your ordinary book club but taking place with a monthly chat in our Facebook group rather than at someone's house. Each month we'll pick a different indie book & read it together! It's a chance for us to discover some new books and get to know each other a little. 

Who picks the books?: We'll run a poll in the last week of the month two months before and everyone who wants to can vote for the title they'd most like to read. If you've signed up to our book club mailing list we'll email you a link to the poll. If not, we'll link to it here each month and post it on our social media. If you'd like to suggest an independently published book for us to read you can use the quick form here. Each title will be announced once the poll has closed both here and on social media. 

What are you selling?: Nothing! The aim of the game is just to bring new books to your awareness and support indie publishers - whether you buy from us, them, someone else or order it in at the library, every little helps!

Why a book club?: There are just so many great books! We bounced around the idea of starting a monthly, book only subscription alongside the boxes but decided that a)there are other services out there already doing that, and b)we didn't want to detract from the boxes themselves because we think they're fantastic and love being able to focus fully on them. We love the chance to have a dedicated time to talk about a specific title. Ninja Book Box is all about community and we think this ties into that really well.

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