Join the Ninja Elite

We've entirely revamped our loyalty scheme and we're excited! 

Earn 1 stamp for every £10 you spend in our shop and more stamps for subscribing and completing various other actions as detailed below. 10 stamps equates to £10 to spend in our shop. This is redeemable on everything except quarterly recurring subscriptions (as they currently run through Paypal and the system isn't compatible), however members of the Ninja Elite still get stamps for each box purchased through a quarterly subscription (2 stamps per box). 

Each time you make a purchase we will let you know the balance of your stamp card, and we'll email you once it's full. As a member of the Ninja Elite you'll also get automatic first access to new products and one-off boxes, as well as a special email on your birthday if that's something you celebrate. 

Make a Purchase = 1 stamp for every £10 spent


1 Stamp for each of the following: 

Get a friend to subscribe via your referral = 1 stamp for you and 1 stamp for them!

Let us know when your birthday is when you join and you'll get a very special email from us on the day. 


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