100 Days of Indie Books

You all know we love spreading the word about indie books, and I love nothing better than a project, so on Monday July 1st we're starting the 100 Day Project with #100DaysofIndieBooks. Every day for 100 days we'll be sharing an independently published book on our Instagram, and because the 100 Day Project is generally a creative project, I'll also be trying to link them together somehow, so that each book is related in some way to the last...

I'm still making plans, but so far I think that all the books we share will be ones that I already own - sort of a creative way to explore my bookshelves, which are kind of a labyrinth in which things easily get lost and forgotten...

If you'd like to join in use #100DaysofIndieBooks. It would be great to find out about the books you love! Please feel free to share the graphic below on your Instagram and help us share the love of independent publishers.

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