The Theme of the First Ninja Book Box Will Be....

Drumroll, please! If you’re a Kickstarter backer or a newsletter subscriber then you already know this but the theme of the first Ninja Book Box, shipping in November 2016 will be

The theme is taken from the book which I just loved so much. If the surreal isn’t usually your thing then fear not because it really is only slightly surreal and it is really great! The box will also include gifts based around the theme and additional items, making the whole thing an excellent journey into the unexpected, just as it’s meant to be!

The theme also reflects my whole experience with the Kickstarter project so far. If you’ve not kept up with it, it got funded ridiculously quickly and the money raised now stands at £1,275, which is more than 200% funded! To say this is a surreal experience for me seems like an understatement but I’m having THE BEST time putting the box together and planning future boxes!

At the moment the popularity of the Kickstarter (which still has 8 days left to run) means it looks like the first box will only be available as a reward. If that ends up being the case I will then open up the waiting list and give those that missed out on it first priority for the February box! I’m sure you can appreciate the surrealness of the situation!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the theme. I’m also interested – if you get a themed subscription, how bothered are you that every single item conforms to the theme? (the items in this box all will but I’m wondering for future boxes).

I really hope you’re as excited as I am!


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