Indie Books to Look for this Autumn

I think most of us bookworms probably agree that one of the best things about the darker,colder evenings is the chance to snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket, a mug of something warm and a book you just can't put down. Of course the inaugural book box will arrive with you around the beginning of December, but that's technically the beginning of winter so here are some excellent looking titles being published by indies to keep you going between now and then!

One Hundred Shadows by Hwang Jungeun (translated by Jung Yewon) - Tilted Axis Press, October 3rd

Tilted Axis are a fairly new publisher, and this is only the second book that they've published but I have to say that all three of their currently released/announced titles look excellent. One Hundred Shadows is set in South Korea in a slum electronics market and focuses on the relationship between its two main characters, Eungyo and Mujae, who have both dropped out of school. It has a slightly fantastical element, described as the shadows of the slums inhabitants starting to 'rise', and it sounds brilliant and very intriguing!

Summer's Grace by Vanessa Hannam - Quartet Books, October 2016

An historical novel set part at sea and part in the court of King George II, Summer's Grace follows the story of Admiral George Anson, on a voyage to circumnavigate the globe in search of treasure, and his mistress, Donna Consuelo who is left behind to navigate the world of the court alone.

Browse: the World in 15 Bookshops - Pushkin Press, October 2016

If you want a bit of non-fiction to add to your shelf, what could be better autumn reading than essays about bookshops written by acclaimed authors from around the world? I've already added this to my wishlist because I love and adore books about bookshops, and it sounds like the essays are going to be full of probing questions about the cultural and social importance of bookshops and similar.

Gemina by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman - Oneworld, October 2016

This is the paperback release of the sequel to Illuminae, and I'm sure you'll have seen people squealing about either or both of these titles. I actually personally had no interest in Illuminae until I read the blurb for Gemina, and now I'm desperate to read both! Set in a space station, the main characters are the station master's "pampered daughter" and a member of a notorious crime family. Sounds excellent already!

The Girl who Saved Christmas by Matt Haig - Canongate, November 2016

I have A Boy Called Christmas, which came out last year, on my shelf and haven't read it yet - it's on the cards for advent, but this book sounds lovely and perfect for the season! Set in 1842, the situation seems pretty dire. People are horrible, Father Christmas's powers are fading, and a girl goes missing...

If you've read any of these we'd love to hear your thoughts, as well as any other titles (indie or not) you're looking forward to this autumn!

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