Unboxing the Slightly Surreal Box!

It feels like we've been waiting so long for this moment, but now all of the November boxes are in and we're thrilled to be unboxing the very first ever Ninja Book Box here for you!

As many of you know the box was funded and launched by virtue of an extremely successful Kickstarter and I wanted to take the chance once again to thank all of our backers profusely, and also thank you for keeping spoilers off of the internet while everyone waited for their box to arrive.

Photo courtesy of the wonderful Sarah

Firstly a couple of things in this picture will not be included in future boxes. The Busker and the mug (which says, on the other side, Drink Coffee. Read Books. Be Happy) were available as Kickstarter rewards for certain tiers of backers and are additional items.

Usually a box will contain a book and two or three gift items, plus extras. November's Slightly Surreal box contained:

  • The book - Star-Shot by Mary-Ann Constantine which I can honestly say is one of my favourite books I've read in 2016 and which took a lot of searching to find! It's published by Seren, a small Welsh publisher, who were are totally thrilled to have worked with on this first box.

  • 'Starry Skies' teatowel by Blinkin' Imp - the gifts went with themes from the book & the theme of the box rather than being inherently bookish, which I think was a tiny bit confusing for some of you, but we're going to stick with it because we're geeks and we like things that help us discover the world! One of the characters in Star-Shot is an astronomer and we fell in love with this beautiful, constellation covered teatowel which is, let's face it, far too beautiful to be used to dry dishes! Look out for an interview with designer Lizzie coming up on the blog very soon.

  • Star coaster by Jacqueline Talbot Designs - this cork backed, ceramic coaster was just too awesome not to include, and we also felt it went well with the look of the book. Plus it's a star, and the book features plenty of tea so we thought you'd better have somewhere to put your mugs while you're reading!

  • Cardiff street map card by Crafty Bacon Studio - We thought this fitted in well with the theme since it's a little bit surreal! Until you know what you're looking at you don't really know what you're looking at, at least if you're like me, but this card is gorgeous and the book is set very firmly in Cardiff so we wanted to tie in with that. Plus it's not occasion specific so you can use it for anything.

  • Frog charm & lilypad bag - we like to make each book an experience, so we'll be including a charm relating to the book in every box. For ideas on what you can do with your charms check out this post.

  • Ninja Recipe Card - this will be likely to be a feature in most boxes with the recipe relating to the book or the location that it's set in. This one was for welsh cakes which I can say were really delicious and lots of fun to make.

The box also had a card introducing it and a leaflet containing a review of the book, a list of recommended reads (watch this space for an epic list of author/supplier/creator recommendations coming soon) and an interview with Mary-Ann Constantine as well as an exclusive discount code for Kirsty Logan's excellent The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales, one of our recommended reads.

We hope you loved your boxes, and if you've not yet joined the Facebook book club then please do so. We'll be discussing the book during the first week of January live in the group!

If you like the look of this box and haven't yet grabbed yourself our February box, the theme is A Shakespearean Mystery and they're available in limited numbers now! We also have a mini box option as well as quarterly, annual and annual mini box subscription options available, plus 10% off when you sign up to our newsletter. What are you waiting for? Head over to the shop & grab your box!

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