Indie Extravaganza: Aaaaaaaand Go!

Hello friends, welcome to the first day of our month long indie extravaganza! If you haven't subscribed to our blog somehow yet I really suggest you do. Every day for the next month we'll be bringing you an absolute plethora of independent publishers and amazing small businesses but we thought we'd start the ball rolling by introducing ourselves.

So hi, we're Ninja Book Box... Chances are you probably have some idea of who we are and what we do so I'll just briefly say that mostly when I say 'we' I mean 'I'. I work on box ideas with my husband who is my sounding board (and is also responsible for some of the best gifts we've included in boxes this year - the constellation tea towel... grow your own Dragon fruit kit...) but primarily the day to day running of the business, most of the reading and the having of crazy ideas is done by yours truly with help from our wonderful Ninja Readers! (having said that, the blog series was my idea but the raffle was my husbands, so he might win this one!)

We make book boxes which are slightly quirky. Each box is like a miniature Christmas as we wrap things individually in tissue paper, and although everything's themed around the book it's not always immediately obvious how. We really pride ourselves in thinking outside the box (pun intended) and including unusual, high quality and often handmade items in our boxes. We also run a monthly book club for independently published books so if you're looking for new authors, publishers and genres then here is probably a good place to start!

We're a little bit obsessed with supporting small businesses and if you've been around these parts for a while you'll probably have heard it all already, so suffice to say that I love the idea that each order we place actually has an impact on a person. It's such a lovely thing to feel that you're making a difference and helping to get incredible books some of the attention that they so deserve.

Over here at headquarters (spoiler: it's our house. We work surrounded by Lego and small children) we really believe in the power of imagination. If we can work out a way to do a crazy thing then we'll do it, and honestly it's how this whole thing started out and it seems to be going pretty well so far... That mindset was almost entirely powered by literature for me, and if I can be part of helping to bring that brilliant gift to someone else then let's do it!

We love spreading the joy of reading and of creativity in general any way we can. I'm also a knitter and craft obsessive and will glady throw what little extra money I have after buying all the books at anything beautiful and well made that comes my way. One of our favourite things to do is give people stuff, so you'll often find us passing on books we've loved or offering prizes from some of our favourite shops on our social media channels.

And so for our first raffle prize announcement.... Ninja Book Box are donating an annual mini box subscription, meaning one lucky winner will get four quarterly mini boxes starting with November's extra special birthday one. This is just one of the prizes in one of the prize bundles. Each bundle contains 8 - 10 prizes and is worth £70 - £120. Raffle tickets cost just £2!

Photo of our August mini box, taken by culturnator.

You can check out the prize bundles and buy raffle tickets here. All proceeds are going to Give a Book to support literacy charities and we'd appreciate your help spreading the word (using #ninjabirthdayraffle on social media) even if you can't afford to buy a ticket.

Check back tomorrow for the next featured business...

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