Punky Pins: Pure Bookish, Feminist Joy (Indie Extravaganza Day 2)

This event has been such a phenomenal joy to plan because of the sheer amount of incredible, squeal worthy businesses involved. If you love today's business as much as I do, don't think I've started with the best and it's all downhill from here. It's testament to the ridiculous talent involved in this event that the standard stays this high throughout. Get ready.

Punky Pins, if you didn't know, are a company founded in 2005 who specialise in enamel pins, patches, stickers, keyrings and necklaces based on pop culture, feminism, books, cats and other cool stuff. Their pins in particular are truly excellent and we're showcasing a few of their products here so you can see how truly excellent they are.

My absolute favourite thing on their site has to be this pin:

because of this:

(trust me on this. And no, I'm not sorry that you'll be singing it all week. It's amazing. Embrace it.)

Also it's true. The library is cool.

We love this pin, also designed by Introverted Doodles. It pretty much sums up my feelings whenever I'm at a bookish friends' house or they're at mine. Why would you not want to look at people's book collections? I need to have seen the book collection before we can settle down to chat really, otherwise I'm all antsy because I wanna seeeeeeee....Ahem.

This one is also excellent. If you like books and cats more than going out partying this is most definintely the pin for you! I pretty much pick books over socialising every time nowadays. Unless it's bookshop crawls, because they don't count.

As well as bookish loveliness Punky Pins have a really great range of feminism stuff. This vinyl sticker was exclusively designed for them by Betty Turbo and I think it's excellent. I also enjoy their Feminist Killjoy sticker and pin and will probably be getting one for myself sometime soon.

This is just a really small sample of the kinds of products Punky Pins offer. If you're looking for pins, stickers or patches I'd really recommend checking them out, or alternatively you can buy some tickets for our birthday raffle...

Announcing another raffle prize... Punky Pins have kindly donated a set of their bookish pins and an iron on patch to one of our three prizes bundles. Get your raffle tickets now.

All photos used with the permission of Punky Pins, from the Punky Pins website.

Check back tomorrow for another excellent feature and another raffle prize reveal! Catch up on previous Indie Extravaganza posts here.

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