The Forgotten Library: Turning Books into Beautiful Gifts (Indie Extravaganza Day 9)

Did you know that a ridiculous number of books are pulped each year? Books that are returned to the publisher after not selling at bookshops, books that get damaged so people throw them out, and even perfectly good books charity shops have duplicates of or no room for. The Forgotten Library was set up after its founder worked in a charity shop and saw how many books were being sent to be pulped. They work to turn old books into beautiful jewellery, stationery and homewares and today we want to profile some of their amazing products.

Personally I have a soft spot for childhood favourite Beatrix Potter, but there is a whole range of these beautiful book clocks. What a great way to use an old book!

These gorgeous cards are made from marbled endpapers of old books, with vintage illustrations. They're so unusual and it's another really clever way to use things that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Who doesn't love Winnie the Pooh? These fused glass necklaces are made from illustrations found in old books and transferred onto glass to create beautiful images like the one you see here.

This Pride and Prejudice hair pin is part of a range of clips made from pages of old books. What a great way to get unique accessories!

There's a whole range of other gifts, stationery, accessories and jewellery over in The Forgotten Library Etsy shop so head over and check them out!

Another raffle prize announcement... The Forgotten Library have donated a bundle of bookmarks and cards to be included in one of our amazing prize bundles!

Grab a raffle ticket (or five) & spread the word about the incredible prizes up for grabs using #ninjabirthdayraffle.


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