Coryographies: Beautiful Bookish Jewellery (Indie Extravaganza Day 15)

Throughout October and the start of November we're running an Indie Extravaganza - a daily celebration of small businesses and indie publishers. So far we've featured a plethora of amazing makers and publishers and each of them has donated an incredible prize to our fundraising raffle. We're raising money for our charitable partners, Give a Book, and each raffle ticket purchased gets you a chance to win one of our amazing (really, really amazing) prize bundles. All the details & tickets are here. Now on to today's feature...

Coryographies make some of the most incredible bookish jewellery I've ever seen, and if jewellery isn't your thing then fear not because they also make pins and cufflinks so there's something for everybody!

These beautiful bookshelf necklaces are made from wood and polymer clay and the attention to detail is just brilliant. They really do look like an old bookshelf and as they're made to order colours do differ from order to order.

I personally really adore these earrings made from polymer clay to look like the covers of vintage Penguin books. What a perfect gift for any book lover! (If anyone wants to get me a Christmas present I wouldn't say no...) They are varnished so are really durable and so distinctive. Coryographies can also make other colours depending on your genre of choice.

This little book pin is absolutely adorable and would make the perfect addition to your book bag (or coat or whatever else really). It's just 1cm tall and made of polymer clay and varnish.

Coryographies have kindly donated one of these amazing little stack of books bookmarks to our raffle so you could win one! They're both beautiful and really useful - the metal part isn't too heavy so won't damage your book and the little stack of books is such a cheerful thing to peek out of your current read!

Get your tickets now for your chance to win a bookmark (and many other amazing prizes!)

Photos property of Coryographies. Used with permission.




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