Little Dragon Jewellery:Beautiful, Unique Accessories (Indie Extravaganza Day 31)

Everything that we've featured over the past 30 days of this extravaganza has been unique and amazing in its own way. Today's featured business is no exception, but I have to say that their donation to our raffle is possibly my favourite as it's just so beautiful and different and so much painstaking work has obviously gone into it. Read on to find out more!

Little Dragon Jewellery are a company I first discovered on Instagram. We've been trying to work together on a box for a while but so far haven't been able to work it out time and theme wise. Look out for their work in a 2018 box though - we'll make it happen if we possibly can!

My favourite thing about their products is the huge variety of things that they make.

These crochet hooks made of polymer clay are adorable and available in various designs. Little Dragon Jewellery also accepts custom orders so you can decide what you'd like and order yourself personalised crochet hooks! The clay design is fitted around aluminium hooks (although you can choose different hooks if you prefer) and sizes vary. What an awesome idea.

Memory lockets are such a wonderful idea, and Little Dragon Jewellery make these gorgeous little charms in all sorts of designs to go in them. This was a dragon with a bead to represent the birth of each child but they've done a whole host of things in the past to commemorate different things. The necklaces are silver coloured and available in either teardrop or round shapes with a glass front and back.

This tiny little unicorn is about an inch tall and can have horn and mane in the colour of your choice. Absolutely perfect for all the unicorn lovers in your life!

Pretty pretty earrings! Made of polymer clay on a silver chain these are super gorgeous and very dangly. The style is also available in hearts.

There's an embarrassment of riches in their Etsy shop and you should definitely head over there and have a look because as you can hopefully see from this post they have something to suit everybody!

They've also very kindly donated one of their most beautiful items to our raffle...

Announcing another raffle prize... We have this absolutely stunning Phoenix necklace made from polymer clay with beads and on a black cord as part of our raffle prizes. The attention to detail is just amazing and I'm jealous that I can't win this myself.

All of the money raised goes to our charitable partner Give a Book and there will be three winners of three amazing prize bundles - it could be you!

Get raffle tickets here


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