Charity Profile: Magic Breakfast (Indie Extravaganza Day 36)

It's the final countdown (da da daaaa da, da da da da da...) and today is our final charity profile, although by no means the final project Give a Book work with! Please do head over to their projects page and have a look at some of the other fantastic things they support.

Magic Breakfast is a charity which provides breakfasts in schools so that children who otherwise would start the day without having eaten are fuelled enough to concentrate on their lessons and to learn well at school. Give a Book sends books along with the breakfasts - feeding the body and the brain!

Magic Breakfast was founded in London in 2003 and are now working in 460+ schools across the country. They provide porridge, cereal, bagels and juice for pupils in schools where more than 35% of students are eligible for free school meals, and a survey has found that since the implementation of Magic Breakfast educational attainment, concentration levels, attendance records, punctuality and alertness have all improved markedly amongst participating students.

The increased use of food banks is never far from the news at the moment and in the current climate the number of families struggling to feed themselves makes the need for projects such as Magic Breakfast self evident.

The partnership between Magic Breakfast and Give a Book has led to the creation of Magic Breakfast Book Clubs, currently in fourteen schools with plans for more. Through this each school receives £500 of books, notepads and pens and support to set up their own book clubs. The partnership also provides Breakfast Pals, a cross-age readings scheme in 20 schools.

Your raffle tickets could help support this project, as well as Doorstep Library, Prison Reading Groups, Maggie's Centres & the Imagination Library amongst many, many more. We've raised over £400 so far and with just a few days to go we're really pushing for £500 before the end. Please do donate if you can and spread the word using #ninjabirthdayraffle.

Get raffle tickets here

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Check back tomorrow for another brilliant feature or catch up with the event so far here.


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