Be the Change: Alt-Write the Book

Having finished our daily Indie Extravaganza tour we're now launching a new series. This will be a 'whenever we have contributors' kind of series but we're kicking off today because we have a fantastic project we want to talk to you about.

Be the Change will feature crowdfunding, passion projects which have a charitable aim or an aim to redress the imbalances in the world in some way. If you have a project you're currently running or thinking of launching in the near future we'd love you to get in touch for us to feature it on the blog - email ninjabookbox(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject 'Be the Change'. We'll be posting about the project in more detail in the coming week.

With that over we wanted to let you know about the first project we're featuring on Be the Change.

The past year has delivered a tumultuous series of world events that has left people reeling. Writers and artists feel a duty and passion to respond and interpret these events. Alt-Write: creative reactions to uncertain times is a collection of new previously unpublished stories, poems and illustrations from leading names in the children’s book world.

This collection, to be published in Spring 2018, is an outpouring of those emotions, an appeal to reason and a road map of the strange journey we’ve been on for the past year and a signpost for where we are headed.

This is a non-profit collection. All the money raised from sales will be donated to UNHCR (the UN refugee agency). All the contributors are donating their work, and some are also donating original artwork too. We need to raise £13,000 to cover production costs of the book.

We are asking for your support to bring this book to life. In our campaign video Mary Hoffman, Kathryn Evans, Alan Gibbons, Korky Paul and Rhiannon Lassiter talk about the need for a new narrative, for building bridges not walls and for compassion and understanding for those who have suffered from the devastating affects of war and conflict. By donating to our campaign you can support the creation of new work, contribute to new understanding and secure yourself a copy of the book or the original artwork produced by fantastic writers and artists.

The collection will include work by: Patrice Aggs, Iris Anya Abras, Philip Ardagh, Ros Asquith, Christina Balit, Cathy Butler, Rūta Briede, Margaret Chamberlain, Lucy Coats, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Doug Cushman, Carol Ann Duffy, Kathryn Evans, Alan Gibbons, Miriam Halahmy, Shahrukh Husain, Inbali Iserles, Savita Kalhan, Jackie Kay, Tanya Landman (Foreword), Patrice Lawrence, Karin Littlewood, Antony Lishak, Paul Magrs, Irfan Master, Jonathan Mayhew, Sarah McIntyre, Michaela Morgan, Linda Newbery, Korky Paul, Jeff Perks, Andrew Fusek Peters, Chris Priestley, Saviour Pirotta, Susan Price, Jane Ray, Celia Rees, Chris Riddell, Michael Rosen, Lawrence Schimel, Nick Sharratt, John Shelley, Bridget Strevens-Marzo, Colin West, Alex Wheatle, Jane Yolen and Benjamin Zephaniah

There are excellent perks to be gained from supporting Alt-Write. Watch the campaign video and donate to the project here.

UNHCR has been working since 1950 to ensure that all refugees have the right to seek asylum and find refuge. They work in 130 countries around the world ensuring that governments honour the 1951 Refugee Convention, which states that refugees should not be returned to their countries if there is a threat to their lives, among other things. They help many people in many different situations and also helps people if they are eventually able to return home.

To find out more about Alt-Write visit their website or head over to twitter and follow them for updates on the campaign!

If you have a fundraising, crowdfunding or otherwise world shaking project you'd like us to share on Be the Change please get in touch!

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