We Need Your Book Suggestions!

You probably know that we run a monthly online book club for independently published books, Ninja Book Club, and if you've been around for a while you'll also know that each months' title is voted for via a SurveyMonkey poll and that anyone who's interested can vote to choose the book we read.

What you might not know is that the poll is compiled from suggestions made by us, our Ninja Readers, and anybody else who's interested. To make this process easier we now have a really quick suggestion form you can fill in. Any time you've read a great independently published book and think others should read it so you can talk about it with people just head over here, click on the link below and throw your suggestion at us!

Here's the form

We choose books from all genres including non-fiction so please suggest away! It's also entirely encouraged for publishers to suggest books (although please don't suggest your entire catalogue). Although we read a lot we can't read everything and the more books you suggest the more books we can get into readers' hands!

Please do spread the word - we have subscriptions for the book club available but you can get the book from your library or anywhere else and join in too!


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