Book Talk: The Desserts of New York and How to Eat them All by Yasmin Newman

I am a not so secret cookbook addict. If you get our boxes then you'll know that each one contains a recipe card inspired by the book, and if you subscribe to our brand new Youtube channel you might have seen us post our first recipe video yesterday. Anyway, all of this to say that you're possibly not surprised to see me reviewing a recipe book.

The Desserts of New York and How to Eat Them All is a cookbook with a difference. Its author is an Australian who moved to New York pretty much entirely to eat as many desserts as possible and write this book about them. Talk about living the dream!

The book is beautifully designed, organised by dessert type, and featuring sections about each neighbourhood along with beautiful pictures and sections of Yasmin's diary of her experience. It's a particularly lovely thing because it feels like part cookbook, part travel writing and part memoir and it covers such a wide variety of desserts, from cupcakes to cronuts and brownies to ice cream.

Of course in order to review a cookbook I had to bake something from said cookbook and (probably unsurprisingly) I went for the recipe that is brownie topped with cookie. Yes I did. And it was pretty delicious. I have to say, not being an American, I do find that the recipes contain a lot more salt that I usually use, so if that's a concern for you just scale it back by about half and carry on!

If Ninja Book Club met in real life I would definitely be suggesting that we read this and all bake something from it to share. Alas, we are in the virtual world so I'll have to stick to baking for my family, but if you like baking, desserts, New York or all of the above then I definitely recommend picking up a copy of The Desserts of New York and How to Eat Them All.

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