Past Publishers: Unsung Stories

We're a little later than usual with this post, but our February boxes are all out so it's time for us to feature some of the amazing books from our November publisher, Unsung Stories.

I first discovered Unsung Stories when I was looking for more indie publishers of fantasy and science fiction. We've actually worked with them before, including Aliyah Whiteley's The Arrival of Missives in the 2017 Summer Reading Box (join the waiting list for 2018's version here) and they publish some brilliant sounding, unusual speculative fiction.

So firstly you should check out The Arrival of Missives. It's a really unusual novel set in post WW1 England where a girl dreams about challenging the conventions of her small rural village. It's beautifully written and absolutely never goes the way you expect it to.

Lots of Unsung Stories books contain elements of dystopia or alternate reality type situation.Winter by Dan Grace follows a group of revolutionaries fleeing London after an anarchic uprising. In the forests of the Scottish borders they meet a man with strange powers, but is he all that he seems to be?

Metronome by Oliver Langmead is a really surreal sounding novel. The Sleepwalkers haunt the realm of dreams, but one Sleepwalker has abandoned her oath to protect the dreamscapes and devoted herself to another cause which could unleash a nightmare...

Finally (although there's lots more to check out on their website!) I really love the look of The Dancer by Rab Ferguson, which explores the relationship between technology and art and how the progress of one affects the other. Dancer Penelope D'Silva is beloved worldwide for her innovative interpretation of classic theatre, but her latest performance is faltering due to the advent of more advanced technology. The book looks at the ways that artists have to change in order to keep their audience.

Have you read 2084 or any other Unsung Stories books? Let us know what you thought in the comments!


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