We're Relaunching our Loyalty Scheme

As a very small business we really rely on our wonderful customers helping to spread the word about what we do here at Ninja Book Box. I don't know about you but I'm way more likely to give something a go if someone whose opinion I trust recommends it to me, so you telling your friends, colleagues and family about the book box, book club and anything else you like about us is really important to our business.

We are a company who likes to give back to our community, so when we first started we launched a Referral Scheme, but as we're learning more and more about the running of a business we've been rethinking the best way to make sure that all of you lovely people are getting the best rewards for your loyalty and your help in telling everyone about us, and how best to combine that with a model that works well for us.

Here's what we've come up with:

We've decided to move over to a stamp card type of model. Once you've signed up to join the new scheme you can gain stamps for various things, not all of which are sales based. You can get stamps for:

  • Every £10 you spend (1 stamp per £10)

  • Leaving a review on our Facebook page (1 stamp)

  • Posting an unboxing on your blog or Instagram & letting us know about it by tagging @ninjabookbox on twitter or Insta (1 stamp)

  • Setting up an annual or quarterly subscription (1 stamp plus stamps for money taken)

  • Referring a friend who sets up a quarterly subscription (1 stamp for them, 1 stamp for you)

In our previous scheme we offered participants discount codes that they could offer to their followers, but we think that this model will work better for everyone as it's super easy to gain stamps. Once your stamp card is full we'll let you know that you have £10 to spend! You'll also have the option of continuing to save stamps so you can redeem several cards at once.

The only exception is (and we've tried to find a way around this and currently are unable to) is that at the moment you cannot redeem your reward card against a quarterly recurring subscription, as Paypal doesn't support it. However you will still earn stamps on your quarterly subscription, so if you're already set up on a recurring subscription plan make sure you join the loyalty scheme and we'll start adding your stamps from the August box onwards!

We hope that this all makes sense and sounds good to you! We've got two one-off boxes coming up this year as well as the three remaining quarterly boxes and the monthly book club. We'll also be launching another exciting project towards the end of the year, as well as running a few more pre-order campaigns like we did for The Chosen Ones, so we hope there'll be plenty of choices.

If you have any questions you can always get in touch by emailing ninjabookbox@gmail.com. Happy reading!

Join the loyalty scheme

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