A Sad Announcement

Hey Ninjas. You might have noticed it's been quiet around here, and because we announced it on the blog, I feel like we should un-announce it. Sadly, we lost our baby at the end of October. It was a fairly late miscarriage and we've been dealing with it, which is why we've been quiet and/or weird here and in newsletters, on social media etc.

I say this not because I'm looking for an outpouring of sympathy, although I'm sure that many of you will feel it (and we appreciate that so much) and that some of you have been through the same thing, but just because in the community that surrounds this business of Ninja Book Box I try to make it my day to day business to be transparent and upfront about things that affect the business, and my mental health, and this does both.

We've decided, after lots of careful thought, to stick with the 6 month hiatus we had planned. This is to make sure we're giving ourselves and our family the space that we need to make sure we're properly back in the game when we return in summer 2019, and so that we can work out a few practical issues with various things and ensure that all the services we're offering are absolutely the best they can be.

I'm OK. Life goes on, and thankfully there are more than enough unread books in the house to keep me distracted for one or two lifetimes! Of course I'm also throwing myself into some other fun things - just because the box and book club are going on hiatus for a while, doesn't mean we're going away, so watch this space...

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