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School budgets are constantly being cut here in the UK, with less and less money to spend on anything additional to the basics of education. If you've been around these parts for a while you'll know that a big part of our business is working with literacy charities and supporting literacy projects in general, and as we were setting up the pre-orders for Scarlett Thomas's fantastic new installment of the Worldquake series, we thought it would be an amazing opportunity to offer you all a chance to help schools to add to their libraries!

The idea is thus: we now have a listing on our Pre-Orders page where you can buy the Worldquake series (or even just one of the books from it) for a school. All you have to do is purchase it and we'll do the rest! If you have a school in mind (we'd recommend primary and secondary schools, so Year 3 up) then give us their address when you checkout. If not, just put 'school of your choice' in the comments box, as we're inviting schools to register their interest for books as well, so we'll happily pick a school for you. If you're not in the UK but would like to join in, you can use the NBB postal address, just send us a quick email or a tweet and we'll be happy to let you have it!

We would love to get these brilliant, magical books into as many schools as possible, so please do spread the word. If you know people who work in schools, invite them to register their school for books and feel free to share this blog post far and wide.

Pre-Order The Worldquake Sequence for a School

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