5 Reasons to Join Ninja Book Club

Ninja Book Club is back at the end of the month with a new look! We've made some slight changes to a few things so if you want to know more about the timeline changes we'll be putting in place keep reading til the end of the post.

Our hiatus has been much needed, but we're really looking forward to bringing back Ninja Book Club, and here's 5 reasons we think you should join!

1. It's a great way to discover a wide range of independent publishers. So far in 18 months of Ninja Book Club we've read books from 15 different publishers (Salt and Bluemoose have had more than one title each, but it's a democracy, so you're in control of that!). Although some of them will probably have been on your radar beforehand, some won't, and we've heard that the poll is also a great way to add indie books to your TBR.

2. Support publishers!

By subscribing, you'll be supporting publishers directly. We buy all of our book club books straight from the publisher, allowing as much of the money as possible to go towards their expenses. We also always try to negotiate fair and reasonable discounts that work for the publisher as well as ourselves.

3. However you take part....

You don't have be a subscriber to join in. Ultimately the aim of Ninja Book Club is to get books into people's hands and although it's fantastic and helpful if you can subscribe (plus you get the book delivered to you without you having to put in any effort at all), you can get the book yourself, borrow it from the library or a friend or however else you get your books. Everyone's welcome to join the Facebook group & chat with us!

4. It's a democratic process.

Like, actual democracy... Everyone can submit books for the poll, then we choose 4 at random for the suggestion list & add them to the months' poll. Everyone can then vote and the winner is the book we read. Simple.

5. Have a great time without leaving your house.

Book club chats are low key and fun and you'll get to meet great people. Everything's online so you don't have to leave your house, and everything happens in our closed Facebook group so you can take your time to think about your replies and ask your own questions.

Now for the practical stuff!

We've reworked the timeline of the book club so that it makes more sense from an operations point of view, so now the poll to choose each months' book will go up 6 weeks in advance (June's poll goes up at the end of April). Following feedback from book club members we'll now be announcing the title as soon as the poll closes & we've confirmed orders with the publisher, rather than keeping it secret. Subscriptions will now only be available from 1st - 15th of the month before, and will be on a monthly recurring (automatically renewing) or 1 or 3 month pre-paid (one-off payments) basis. We've had to increase the prices very slightly (£10 per month/£29 for 3 months) to make the service financially viable, but UK postage is still free.

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