Indie Challenge & Ninja Book Club Schedule

The Indie Challenge is back for 2020 and it will be much more consistent than it was in 2019! We've changed a few of the squares for 2020 and we'll be posting all sorts of things on our blog and Youtube channel to help with recommendations as well as running a Goodreads Group for recommendations, but the most exciting thing is that following a suggestion from long time book club supporter Rhianwen, we are going to be matching up the 2020 Ninja Book Club picks with topics from our bingo card, making it a really easy way to join in the fun.

Each month of 2020 will have a subject and we'll be putting together polls of four indie books from the recommendations suggested in the Goodreads group and from our Ninja readers. Below is the schedule of topics, please feel free to head over to the group and share your recommendations.

January : A debut - Leonard and Hungry Paul by Ronan Hession

February: An Anthology

March: Kids or YA

April: An author from another country

May: An Underrated Book

June: An Award Winner

July: Book that defies genre

August: A Women's Press

September: Brilliant Backlist

October: A Poetry Collection

November: Non-Fiction

December: Favourite

For reference, and as always, our definition of an independent publisher is one who owns themselves and isn't owned by a parent company. Indies (as defined by us) can have imprints - imprints don't count as separate businesses. Self published books do count towards this challenge and you can use one book for more than one bingo square.


We will have prizes for those taking part! If you complete a line of the bingo card you'll be entered to win a £10 National Book Token (or equivalent gift voucher if you're outside of the UK), and if you complete the entire bingo square you'll be entered to win a 6 month pre-loved subscription from us.

You can enter the individual titles you've read into our Google form and we'll share them in a big thread at the end of the year. If you're entering a bingo line or the whole square for prize possibilities you'll need to add a social media post or blog post link containing details of the titles you read to complete the line/square into the same form.

If you need inspiration for your TBR may I recommend our twitter list of independent publishers as a good starting place? And of course our pre-loved subscription is available on a monthly basis or as 6 or 12 month pre-paid options and guarantees you a range of publishers & genres.

Don't forget to use #indiechallenge on everything you post so we can see and share, and feel free to share the bingo card and the graphic below on your own social media/blogs/youtube channels. Please share your TBR in our Goodreads group and here in the comments.


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