My 2021 Challenges

I can count the number of times I've actually completed a challenge on one hand, but it doesn't stop me signing up for allll the things every year come January 1st! Despite the ridiculousness of 2020, I have decided to push forwards and join in with all sorts of things in 2021. Originally I was going to put these in the January newsletter but there were too many of them, so here they are with their own blog post! Read on to discover the challenges I'm setting for myself (and the TBRs I'll definitely be making) in 2021...

Firstly, a challenge I have actually completed a couple of times - 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene! Every January Yoga with Adriene runs a 30 day yoga challenge with a different theme each year. This year is 'Breath' and it's a beautiful way to start the year, and very good for both my body and brain. If you've not done yoga before, or not done yoga at home I'd really recommend giving Yoga with Adrienne a try - she's very accommodating of different abilities and body types and also is hilarious

Another January specific challenge I'm going to loosely be joining in with is #cookjan, which is basically a lovely thing that encourages us to cook for ourselves in January. It's run by Alice Slater, and was started as an anti diet culture thing to focus on feeding ourselves good food throughout January. I've used it as an excuse to make a list of all the recipes I've not yet made from Midnight Chicken by Ella Risbridger, and welcomed in the new year with homemade chicken curry.

A thing I've been doing since 2016 is choosing a word for the year. After lots of thought, for 2021 I've picked Kindness, with the companion word of Peace. I'm going to be working on being kind to myself and to other people in whatever form that takes. I'm also going to be working on a mood blanket throughout the year - I've assigned colours to every mood and each day I'll crochet a granny square with the corresponding colours! I'll be documenting my progress with this in my Instagram stories which I'll then save to a highlight or three, so if you're interested make sure you're following me there.

And finally, on to the book related challenges! I've decided to loosely join in with a couple of year -long ones for 2021. I'll be making a separate TBR post or video (haven't decided which yet) for the Reading Women Challenge, but I love the prompts for it! Check them out here, and if you have any suggestions for me please leave them in the comments. The final challenge I'm intending to do is #ReadChristie2021, which, as it says, is a year of reading Agatha Christie. I absolutely love Christie but it's been years since I've read any, so this will hopefully be the year I'm changing that! There's a postcard of prompts which I received by email, so if you're interested head over to their website and join in. I'm pretty much going to be winging it and seeing where the year takes me, but I have ordered The Hollow which is the book the challenge has chosen for January. On a related note, my library looks like it'll be closed for quite a while longer as do charity shops, so if anyone has any Agatha Christie books they'd like to sell me, please email me and we'll chat!

What are you challenging yourself to do in 2021? (If it's just getting out of bed each day that is awesome and I want to hear about it too).

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