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After a slightly vague yet manic couple of months I think we're getting back into the swing of routine here! We're working on putting June's 'The Tangled Web we Weave' box together and have re-opened subscriptions to start with September's box, the theme of which will be announced on July 1st, but if you just can't wait you can guarantee a box now.

Today I'm catching up with our Past Publishers series, and talking about some fantastic sounding books from Legend Press, publishers of Grace's Table by Sally Piper, the heartbreakingly beautiful story of family dysfunction and togetherness that we featured in our December box. Before I start diving into their backlist for fantastic looking books I'd like to give a quick shout out to The Magician's Lie by Greer McAllister which was our first title back after hiatus for Ninja Book Club (more news about our book club is coming up in the newsletter shortly). I absolutely love this book, the story of a young, female magician in a time where women didn't really do that kind of thing. Her story is told sort of backwards as the book unfolds and it's suspense filled and brilliantly written, plus having a gorgeous cover.

I've picked out four fantastic looking backlist titles that I think sound great, but I also hugely recommend just heading over to their website and having a browse! Legend Press publishes their books in three different categories: Legend Originals, Legend Thrillers and Legend Classics. I've picked two originals and two thrillers, but if you're looking to expand your collection of classic books Legend's collection is beautiful!

My first pick is The Beauty of Your Face by Sahar Mustafah, which begins with a shooting that takes place in a Muslim school in Chicago, and sweeps the school's principal, Afaf Rahman, up in her memories of bigotry and family trauma, as well as the comfort and solace that she finds in Islam. The colours in this book cover are beautiful and it sounds like an interesting read! In total juxtaposition to this my other pick from the Legend Originals section is How to Be Perfect by Holly Wainwright. This is the story of three women; Elle, an extreme lifestyle guru, Abi, whose ex-husband is building a cult in the shed, and Frances who has a newborn and wants to change her life by being just like the other mums on Instagram... This sounds like a really fun summer read!

I know we've got some lovers of crime and and thrillers around, so I've picked a couple of titles that caught my eye from the Legend Thrillers section. The Shadow Bird by Ann Goslin centres around psychiatrist Erin who is asked to evaluated a man who murdered his mother and sisters as a teenager. He has been held in a maximum-security psychiatric facility for 27 years and is now eligible for release, and Erin must determine whether he is actually guilty of the crime he has been imprisoned for. Finally, I was intrigued by the concept of Blinded by the Lights by Jakub Zulczyk, which has been turned into a HBO TV series. The central character, Kuba, is a cocaine dealer who believes in his own ability to stay in control, unlike the celebrities and successful people who are his clients, but a series of decisions leaves him spiralling out of control and he must navigate his way through the dark underbelly of the drug world.

Legend Press have been publishing books since 2005 so there's quite a back catalogue to check out, and they've got some great looking releases coming up too - you can find them in our Monthly Indie Releases Lists on a regular basis.

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