Back in the old days of book blogging I was forever participating in readalongs - they're a great way to read books you find a bit intimidating, a little longer than your usual choices, or just the ones you've been meaning to get to for a while. I've read Middlemarch, Moby Dick and several Dickens books this way, as well as the year we read one of the Little House books every month, but since I've been running NBB we've not hosted one.

Everyone's talking about what a strange and overwhelming time it is at the moment and although I'm not entirely sure from the blurb that the subject matter of our chosen title will be reassuring, I do think a communal reading experience with chance for live chats could be helpful for my brain at least, and I'm sure for some of yours as well.

We are going to be reading Lucy Ellman's award winning Ducks, Newburyport over 10 weeks starting next Wednesday, March 25th and running until June 3rd. We would love you to join us. If you don't have a copy yet, it is a big books - just over 1000 pages long. We'll be taking it fairly slowly, at around 100 pages a week but as the book is written mostly as a long sentence we'll play it a bit by ear and see how we go.

Each week we'll post our thoughts and probably a few discussion prompts on our Instagram and in our Facebook group and we invite you to do the same. If everyone uses #ducksreadalong we'll be able to chat about the book easily.

If you're in need of a copy you can buy one directly from Galley Beggar Press, the amazing publisher. I'm sure they'd appreciate the support! It is also available as an audiobook if that's a format you're happy with. Honestly, I've heard nothing but excellent things about this book. I was gifted my copy one recent #buyastrangerabook day (one of the only things I'll miss about twitter) but I can't quite get up the courage to start on my own. Help me!

Planned Reading Schedule

Week 1: Weds March 25th - starting questions.

25th - April 1st pages 11 (beginning) - p113 (dots)

Week 2: April 2nd - 8th p113 - 213

Week 3: April 9th - 15th p213 - p313

Week 4: April 16th - 22nd p313 - 415

Week 5: April 23rd - 29th p415 - p516 (dots)

Week 6: April 30th - May 6th p516 - p616

Week 7: May 7th - 13th p616 - p716

Week 8: May 14th - 20th p716 - p816

Week 9: May 21st - 27th p816 - p915

Week 10: May 28th - June 3rd p915 - end

Wrap up questions

Follow us on Instagram and join our Facebook group for discussion posts. Please use #ducksreadalong and do spread the word and share this post via social media whether you're planning to take part or not - the more the merrier!

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