Sign up for the Persephone Christmas Book Swap is OPEN!

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

It's November, and that means that it's time for us to open sign up for our annual Persephone Christmas Book Swap!

If you haven't participated before, the idea is pretty simple. You sign up and we assign you a person to send a book to. You can choose to either send them a Persephone book from their wishlist directly from wherever you purchase it, or to make them a little parcel with a small gift and a card. Either way it's a lovely thing to receive in December! If you're not familiar with Persephone Books they publish beautiful books - mostly forgotten women writers from mostly the inter war period but across all genres and all of their books are amazing.

Due to issues with pandemic and election induced postal delays, the swap is only open to UK participants this year - we hope you understand. Here's how to join in:

  • Sign up by Monday November 9th via this link, including a wishlist of 3-5 Persephone Books you would most like. (You can check the entire list of awesome Persephone Books here)

  • After this date you'll be emailed details of the person you're buying for - this will not be the same person that is sending to you so please keep it secret until their parcel arrives.

  • You will then need to choose a book or two from your person's wishlist and either have it sent directly to them from wherever you choose to buy it, or make them a little parcel with a small gift and/or a card saying hi and send it to them by Saturday December 5th

  • Once your parcel arrives, please thank the sender! We are using #PersephoneBookSwap on social media to share excitement and book post, but please keep the contents of the parcel you're sending a secret until it has arrived with its recipient.

Here's the registration link again.

Happy swapping, everyone!

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