The Last Books of the Year

We've been resisting Black Friday for years because we personally dislike the pressure to buy yet more stuff. However, when it comes to deals on books, it's hard to see the downside (besides the possible structural damage to my house, but sssh), so for 2019 we here at Ninja Book Box will be joining in with the Black Friday madness, but combining it in usual Ninja style with Indie Week, the annual campaign run by Just a Card to celebrate and support small businesses.

Here's how we'll be celebrating:

  • On Instagram from Monday - Friday we'll be doing the 5 day challenge and telling you all about us, the local businesses we love and all sorts of other fun things.

  • On Friday we'll be offering everyone 10% off everything in our shop plus free gifts. That means 10% off gorgeous Folio Society books, book bundles, pre-loved and brand new indie books, and all non-recurring subscriptions (Pre-loved, book club and the box!).

  • All of the brand new books in our shop will be reduced to the pre-loved price of £3.50 per book (with the additional 10% discount on top of that)

  • The big box of books pictured below represents all the pre-loved indie books we'll be adding to the website for the rest of 2019. They'll be exclusively available to our loyalty scheme members and mailing list on Friday 29th November and over that weekend with free gifts & free UK postage on 3 items or more, as usual. (This is approximately 30-40 books plus box sets, Persephone Books and Folio Society editions)

  • Our 3 for £18 offer on all of our Persephone Books still stands, just use the code HAPPYXMAS at the checkout! And you get free UK postage with it.

To be honest, that sounds a lot better to me than getting a cheap TV at Tesco! If you're new to the world of independent publishers, we'd urge you to have a browse of the hundreds of titles currently available in our bookshop to get an idea of the fantastic things in store!

This time of year is particularly important to small businesses, so please help us out by sharing this blog post around and letting everyone know about our amazing offers!

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