We're Looking for a (Voluntary) Ninja Reader!

If you've been around here for a while you may know that we have some Ninja Readers who help us with the process of selecting books for our quarterly subscription boxes and monthly book club. For a couple of years now we've had a range of brilliant volunteers helping us to get through the amazing titles sent to us by independent publishers, and due to a range of reasons we now have another spot available!

Applicants should be:

  • Located in the UK - we are a small business and need to keep our postage costs as low as possible.

  • 18 or over. We are a non genre specific box and as such some of the books we receive for consideration have explicit themes.

  • Able to commit to reading a book or two for us each month and willing to read from a wide variety of genres.

  • Able to keep secrets! You may talk about being a Ninja Reader but please don't specify what you're reading for us until after a decision has been reached on where/if it will be included.

  • Able and willing to help us to promote Ninja Book Box/Ninja Book Club in a gentle way via blog and social media mentions, retweets etc.

In return you will receive:

  • A book or two of your choice from our database each month (if the book is suitable for book box inclusion you will need to post it back to us so we can also read it. Otherwise you can keep it.)

  • 50% off our quarterly book boxes once feedback has been submitted.

  • 20% off everything else in our shop, including book club subscriptions which are usually exempt from discount codes once feedback has been submitted.

Please note that we are unable to pay our Ninja Readers and this position is voluntary. If we could afford to pay, we absolutely would but at the moment nobody at NBB gets paid and if you're looking for a job that pays you to read books this isn't it!

To apply to be a Ninja Reader please fill in this application form.

Applications will close on Wednesday 12th February at 11.59pm

Good luck!

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