We're Looking for Ninja Readers

We are getting ready to re-launch Ninja Book Club and Ninja Book Box, and we're very excited to do so! For the last 18 months or so we've been running our Ninja Reader scheme where we pass out some of the books we are sent for box and book club consideration to a few carefully selected people who help us by giving us feedback and telling us if they think books are a good fit for one of our services.

We've had a fantastic team of readers from the start, and due to personal reasons the amazing David and Janel are having to step down from helping us out which means...

We have two Ninja Reader vacancies available!

What we're looking for:

It would be great if you have pre-existing relationships with independent publishers (although this isn't a must) as we'd love to have someone who can bring titles we haven't yet discovered to our attention. It would be particularly great to have somebody who enjoys Crime/Thriller and/or Horror as these are genres we don't read much ourselves so having a more expert eye would be fantastic.

You must be based in the UK. This is just because otherwise it will get super expensive for us to send you books and as we're a teeny business our operating costs have to be kept as low as possible.

You must be able to be discreet and keep secrets. The contents of our boxes are always top secret, so if you're reading something specifically for box consideration and you think it's likely to be great enough to go into a box we will need you to not talk about it too much and definitely not mention that you're reading it for us!

You must be committed to helping us curate the best boxes possible and grow our business. You don't have to be a customer to be considered for this role, but we are looking for people who understand our ethos and are committed to helping us grow our business. Find out more about us here.

How it will work:

We'll send you books that you can choose from our spreadsheet each month, and you give us feedback!

What you'll get:

As previously mentioned, we're a teeny business so unfortunately can't afford to pay you to do this (we wish we could!). However what you will get (based on having read and submitted thoughts for one-two books per month):

* 50% off quarterly boxes (making them £14.99 rather than £29.99). If you're a subscriber this will still count - we'll sort out details once you're chosen.

* 20% off all stock in our shop including pre-loved books!

* Occassional extras!

If you can commit to reading a book or two for us each month and this looks good to you then please apply via the link below. Applications will close on Tuesday 2nd April at midnight and we'll notify our chosen applicants shortly after that.

Apply Here

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