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Subscribe to get a preloved indie book each month. We guarantee a range of publishers and genres and you can let us know what you like and dislike when you subscribe. We have specific subscriptions for 8-12 year olds, 13+ and adults. 

All of our pre-loved subscriptions include 1 book a month and our Monthly update, plus fun extras with the Ninja in Training subscription and are packed in eco friendly and sustainable packaging. 

We'd love you to tell us about the genres you like to read, what you'd like to avoid and any publishers you already support. Please tell us here.

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Ninja in Training: 8-12 and the young at heart
Ninja Apprentice: age 13+
Full Fledged Ninja: suitable for adults

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If you have a preloved subscription of any kind and you can exchange 4 indie preloved books for one extra month of your subscription FREE. Please email us a photo of the spines of your four books (so that we can check that they are indie and that they're the sort of book we stock) and we'll explain how to proceed.