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Sixty four year-old identical twin sisters Kat and Edith are starting to panic: an iridescent mushroom has appeared in the closet of their rent-controlled Brooklyn apartment.

Upstairs, their wealthy landlady is ignoring their phonecalls. But when she discovers a Russian au pair living in her guest room closet, she is horrified to spot the same phosphorescent glow. As the toxic mould spreads, the four hapless women are evacuated from their contaminated homes without any possessions, to join the thousands of people made vagrants in their own city.

Filled with darkness and comic suspense, Act of God is a very funny , poignant story about the human instincts for love, forgiveness and a place to call hime in this lively, inhospitable world.


Publisher: Pushkin Press


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Act of God by Jill Ciment



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