This is a pre-loved book with some fading to the spine due to sun damage, but otherwise in good condition. 


Ally's worried about money. Or rather, the lack of it. Her big sister Linn has gone and got herself a Saturday job so she can help out, but Ally's too young to get a job...unless. Well, unless economical with the truth and goes for that job helping out in the card shop down the road. Never mind if it is run by a wig-wearing crazy woman who likes to sing children's songs (loudly). But the prospect of a job seems to just add to her worries...and then Rowan starts shopping for Britain even though Ally knows sha can't afford it-what is going on with her...?


Publisher: Scholastic 


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Butterflies, Bullies and Bad, Bad Habits by Karen McCombie (Ally's World #3)



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