This is a pre-loved book, part of our new collection of independently published second hand books.  


During 1921-22 Lady Jekyll wrote unsigned essays for The Times with titles such as 'Tray Food' and 'Sunday Supper', 'For the Too Fat' and 'For the Too Thin'; these were reprinted as Kitchen Essays. Recipes are interspersed with her delightful comments, for example an excellent and very simple recipe for Caraway Tea Brea in 'Tea-Time and Some Cakes' is prefaced: 'The true spiritual home of the teapot is surely in a softly-lighted room between a deep armchair and a sofa, two cups only, awaiting their fragrant infusion, whilst the clock points nearer to six than five, and a wood fire flickers sympathetically on the hearth'. 


Kitchen Essays is Persephone Book number 30. The current stock is the grey covered edition. 

Persephone Classics: Kitchen Essays by Agnes Jekyll



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