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Overthrowing the tyrannical Tathadann government should have been cause for celebration. The struggle for liberation from the invaders has been long and bloody. But as Eltan City announces its independence and promises to rebuild, soldiers from the northern proince of Vargmannskjer take advantage of the city's destruction to storm the ceremony and annex the city. For Henraek, once damned as a traitor and only ever reluctantly a hero, it seems a lasting peace is as far from reality as before the uprising. 


The cruelties of the Tathadann soon pale beside the new occupiers' attrocities. Henraek finds himself resettled in the north, in a city where the people seem happy and well... until its labour camps and enslaved spirits come to light. The rebellion must begin anew, in Eltan City and throughout Vargmannskjor , and now the stakes are higher than ever. 


Publisher: Angry Robot Books


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Queen of the Struggle by Nik Korpon



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