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In this third trilogy, Philip Ardagh introduces us to a whole host of new characters. There's Twinkle-Toes Tweedy, the hotel detective; Mr Peach, poet and ventriloquest - with a conveniently large moustache; and Graham Large - unpleasant, perfumed and Plump! This hilarious series takes children's writing to a whole new level... Children who like their humour a darker shade of black with be queuing up for more.

The Unlikely Exploits take place in an identified country which is suffering from a sever outbreak of holes. Yup, you read that right: holes. H-O-L-E-S. Some countries suffer earthquakes, others from volcanic eruptions? but, in this country, they?re suddenly suffering from great big holes opening up in the ground for no apparent reason, and without any warning either!

In The Fall of Fergal, young Fergal McNally falls to his death with a terrible `SPLAT? on page one of the action, but it isn?t a hole he falls into. No, in young Fergal?s case, it?s a building he falls out of, and that building is a hotel called The Dell. The story, which is very strange indeed, then takes us off in two directions: forwards, as we follow his dead body to the morgue of the local hospital, and backwards as we find out how Fergal and his brothers and sisters Jackie, Le Fay, Albie and Josh came to be in that hotel room. It?s not giving too much away to say that Le Fay is in the finals of Tap `n? Type typing competition which - unless you?re a HUGE fan of typing and have videos and DVDs of people typing, you read books about typing, play typing computer games and listen to CDs of people clickery-clacking away at their keyboards ? probably seems pretty BORING, which is why Philip Ardagh chose it! He wanted to take something seemingly ordinary and show how it could completely change the lives of the McNallys, who are a poor family but with some very strange powers? though coming back to life after a nasty fall isn?t one of them!

In the second Unlikely ExploitHeir of Mystery, we follow the further exploits of the remaining McNallys. They?re still in the country with the h-o-l-e problem, but away from the city and in that deep, dark nasty place called Fishbone Forest, where they meet the terrifying Mr Maggs.


Publisher: Faber & Faber


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The Unlikely Exploits Trilogy by Phillip Ardagh

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