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Ninja Book Box logo with the recycling arrows over the top reading Our Sustainability Manifesto

Sustainability Manifesto

We believe:

  • That we have a responsibility to look after our planet, and to not create more waste than absolutely necessary. 

  • That using recyclable and recycled packaging and stationery items makes a difference to our carbon footprint and is a better way to do business. 

  • That reused and recycled packaging can be beautiful as well as functional!

  • Nothing needs as much packaging as big business often gives it. 

  • That we all need to be the change we'd like to see in the world. We can make a difference. 

  • Sustainability is more than just environmental - it's also about community, care and supporting each other. 

We love: 

  • Finding innovative new ways to reduce our waste. 

  • Reusing things & repurposing them!

  • Channelling our creativity into our packaging as well as our products. 

  • Working with charities to benefit the literary community. 

  • Supporting each other and creating community. 

What that looks like in practice:

  • The boxes we use for Ninja Book Box and the envelopes we use for Preloved Subscriptions are 100% cardboard and fully recyclable. 

  • Ninja Book Box is now packed with shredded paper which is recycled from all of the waste paper that comes into our house! This is non-glossy and can be recycled with your paper waste or put into home composters. 

  • We use refillable marker pens to hand stencil all of our boxes. 

  • Orders from our bookshop may be packed in recycled jiffy bags, meaning the packaging may be a little more scruffy than you'll see from other bookshops, but it will keep your books safe! 

  • We donate £1 for every box we sell to our charitable partner, Give a Book, as well as running other fundraising initiatives for them throughout the year. 

  • We are now supporters of Ecologi, meaning that every month we pay to plant trees and support carbon offsetting projects around the world. Every year we will donate 5% of our profit to Ecologi's work. 

  • We buy direct from the publisher for our box and book club, meaning as much of your money as possible goes straight to supporting their work. 

  • We always support small business with the gifts for Ninja Book Box and promote them as much as possible in the box and on social media. 

  • We run several events throughout the year to promote independent publishers specifically outside of our own for profit products. 

If you have questions not answered here or would like to suggest ways for us to improve our commitment to sustainability and community further, please email us!

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