Virtual Bookshop Crawl & Indie Press Tour

During this strange new time we're living in we thought it would be nice to do what we do best and carry on supporting indie bookshops in any way we can. From Monday 30th March we'll be hosting a Virtual Bookshop Crawl on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Each day we'll share a bookshop or two from around the world along with 2 or 3 recommendations from them of uplifting/inspiring/distracting books and details on how you can support them. We'll be encouraging you to buy books from them or otherwise support them. 

Alongside this we're also running an Indie Press Tour on the Ninja Book Box Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages where we'll do a similar thing but for independent publishers. If nothing else, it's a great way to add loads of awesome books to your wishlist. 

How to Join in as a Bookshop/Publisher

Email an Instagram friendly photo plus 2 or 3 recommendations for uplifting/inspiring/distracting books and details on how people can either order from you or where you'd recommend they order from/other ways to support you to: (for bookshops) or (for publishers). This is international. 

How to Join in as a Bookshop Crawler

Make sure you're following us via the appropriate social media channels (listed below) and/or have signed up for our weekly roundup newsletters. When we post our daily updates it would be fantastic if you can like/comment/share and if you're in a position to be able to please think about ordering a book or two every now and again through the channels will give details of in the posts.  

#virtualbookshopcrawl happens at:

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#indiepresstour happens at:

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See our List of Bookshop Recommended uplifting, inspiring and distracting books

Some of my #virtualbookshopcrawl purchases...

Beautiful gift wrapping

from Harris & Harris Books

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