Virtual Bookshop Crawl 

During April, May and June we ran a Virtual Bookshop Crawl on Instagram, visiting bookshops around the world and getting amazing book recommendations from them. 

The majority are now open again in some form, so if you need inspiration for where to visit or what to buy when you're there, you can find our list of Uplifting, Inspiring and Distracting Books recommended by Indie Bookshops here, and find out which bookshops we visited by checking #virtualbookshopcrawl on twitter or Instagram, or through the maps below. 

Virtual Bookshop Crawl Week 1.png
Bookshop Crawl Week 2 Map.png
Virtual Bookshop Crawl week 3.png
Week 4 Map.png
Virtual bookshop crawl week 5.png
Virtual Bookshop Crawl Week 6.png
Virtual week 7.png
Virtual Bookshop Crawl Week 8.png
Virtual Bookshop Crawl week 9.png
Virtual Bookshop Crawl Week 10.png

See our List of Bookshop Recommended uplifting, inspiring and distracting books

Some of my #virtualbookshopcrawl purchases...

Fox Lane Purchase.jpg
Marian Keyes.jpg
harris and harris book.jpg
Liznojan & mainstreet.jpg
The Flat Share.jpg

Beautiful gift wrapping

from Harris & Harris Books

a bundle from

The Mainstreet Trading Company 

and The Wild Journal from

LiznoJan Books

from Stillwater Books